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Monday, February 26, 2007

Can Packaging Increase the Sales of Your Handmade Jewelry?

How you package your handmade jewelry at the time the customer purchases can have a big impact on the customer impression of your business and may influence whether or not they choose to purchase from you again. Many of your customers are giving your handmade jewelry pieces as gifts and expect to have it presented in a suitable manner. Plus, a customer subconsciously forms an impression regarding the value of your pieces based on how you handle them and what you package them in. This is something to be aware of when you wrap purchases at shows and home parties.

Men who are purchasing jewelry for their wives or significant other are particularly likely to expect presentation packaging and are not likely to purchase if you send your item out in a plastic bag. They simply don't want to go through the additional hassle of finding an appropriate box and having the item gift wrapped.

Plus, jewelry has a very strong emotional appeal and the packaging can in many cases make or break that appeal. How would you feel about purchasing a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry and having it carelessly thrown into a plastic zip lock bag?

Packaging also give you an additional opportunity to market and brand your jewelry line. You can strategically place your name and logo on the jewelry packaging as well as on the outside bag that the customer carries around with her as she walks through the show. This is a moving billboard for your business!

So, how can you go about packaging your jewelry at craft shows and home parties without breaking the bank? You shouldn have to spend a fortune to make a impression with your packaging.

One simple and effective presentation is to purchase nice quality boxes of the appropriate size and have a customer sticker printed up with your business name, web address, email address, phone number, as well as your logo. The sticker can be attached to the top of the box and placed in the bag along with any other promotional material you may have for your customer. I use this simple form of packaging when I go to shows and I have had many people contact me later to purchase an item because they still have that box with the sticker containing my contact information.

I would also recommend having a high quality bag printed up with the name of your jewelry business and logo. This is not as costly as you might imagine particularly if you order in quantity. You can get a variety of types of bags including paper merchandise bags and paper, foil, or plastic totes.

I personally use and recommend the tote bags as they are sturdy and can stand alone on a counter without support. Every customer who leaves your booth with one of those bags will be indirectly advertising for you. If the bag is particularly pretty, other show attendees will ask where they got the bag and the customer can point to your booth. Believe me, this does happen! I have had it happen many times.

I would also invest in some pretty tissue paper to put into each bag. You only need a small amount to put into each bag. These little touches let people know that you are indeed a jewelry design professional and not just a weekend crafter. I would make it a point to have a small display showing your packaging so that customers will know how their final purchase will look.

You also may want to consider having a few velvet boxes available in the event that a customer purchases one of your more expensive items. Other additional perks you might want to consider is providing small, free gift card if the customer is giving an item as a gift or if you have the time and inclination, free gift wrapping.

All of these extras will make your customers feel special and will help to reinforce your name in their minds. A customer that feels special after they leave your booth will be a happy repeat customer!

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Thanks for reading, folks! I really value each and every one of you. :-)



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