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Monday, February 19, 2007

Jewelry Designers! There's Strength in Numbers!

Good morning! I want to start by asking you how many other handmade jewelry designers do you know in your area? Why not join forces with them so you can combine your marketing power to the mutual benefit of everyone.

There would be lots of benefits to joining forces with other designers:

1. You could sponsor a jewelry show open to the public several times a year featuring the group's work. Each member of the group would contribute a portion of the funds to rent out a site for the jewelry show. For an event like this, you'd be likely to gain some free publicity for the show from your local media. You could schedule the shows around times of the year when gift giving is a priority such as Christmas or Valentine's Day. You might consider making the shows more upscale by offering wine and cheese to the customers as they look through your group's offerings.

2. The group could join up with a few wholesale jewelry supply companies that offer discounts for large purchases. Members could then order supplies through the group and get lower prices than they would if they ordered individually.

3. If you are able to form a large enough group, your group may be able to rent out a small retail space to showcase and sell the group's handmade jewelry. Each member could work a certain number of hours a month to keep the retail space staffed.

4. You could bring in guest artists and teachers to lecture on topics such as how to market handmade jewelry and teach workshops on new jewelry design techniques.

5. You'll have the opportunity to learn from other successful jewelry designers. You'll be able to bounce ideas off of them and find out what works for them and what doesn't. A great way to get feedback on your work!

6. You can potentially swap jewelry making supplies with other members if you have items you can't use or have excess stock of a particular item.

7. Jewelry designers organized as a group are more likely to get media attention than an individual designer might.

In our area we have an active and very talented bead group, most of whom market their work both locally and online. One way they have been able to generate publicity for their work is to display their group's items in display cases at our local libraries. The libraries are more than happy to have their gorgeous pieces in their showcase. Included with each member's items in the case is a brief synopsis of the artist. A nice way to get your work noticed by the public and to build name recognition.

What's the best way to get a jewelry design group started?

1. When you go to a craft or jewelry show, collect the business card of all of the local jewelry designers you can find.

2. Check with the local arts council in your area to see if they have a listing of jewelry designers in your area.

3. Ask art galleries that exhibit the work of local jewelry designers and see if you can get a card with their contact information.

4. If you have a local bead society, make an appointment to talk to the person in charge. Tell them what you'd like to do and see if they can help. They probably have members who would like to be a part of your group.

5. Check with your local colleges and universities that offer silversmithing and jewelry design classes to see if they know of any graduating students who would like to be a part of your group.

Once you have at least 7-10 people who are interested, arrange a meeting to determine your goals and how best to achieve them. Appoint a person to be in charge and set up regular meeting times. Many libraries are pleased to have groups like this meet at their facilities free of charge. Keep looking for new members which will help to increase your buying power for wholesale supplies and reduce individual costs for each member to display their items at the shows you sponsor.

In addition to helping you increase your sales of handmade jewelry, you'll also benefit from the friendship and comraderie gained from working with other jewelry designers. Why not give this idea a try? Have a great day. :-)


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Blogger Angel Nephews said...

Great blog! We have already discovered the secret of the power of numbers and have formed a group and have a website that link to our Etsy stores.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Your friends at Beads Indeed said...

Your website looks great. I'm continually impressed by what gorgeous work my readers do. You're good marketers too! Let me know how your sales are going. :-)


5:23 AM  

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