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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hello, fellow beaders and jewelry makers! I'm going to start this session with a rather unusual question.

Have you been to a hair salon lately?

Oh, I'm sure your hair looks fine. BUT, did you know that a hair salon can be a fantastic place to sell your handmade jewelry?

I found this out many months ago when I was brainstorming for new ways to market my jewelry. I picked up the handy, Roanoke yellow pages and turned to the beauty salon section.
There were loads of entries for salons in my area. More possibilities than I had even imagined. A hair salon sounded like a good fit for the bracelets and hairsticks I was making at the time.

Immediately I called the first one on the list and asked them if they would be interested in viewing my collection of handmade jewelry for possible inclusion in their salon. Much to my surprise, the owner was quite enthusiastic and we set up an appointment for viewing the next week. I hurriedly got my collection of beaded bracelets and hairsticks together to present to the owner.

Upon showing my jewelry at the store the next week, I immediately sold two pieces to girls who worked at the salon and we subsequently set up a 60%/40% consignment arrangement to sell my pieces. I was ecstatic!

Guess what? 8 months or so later, that relationship still exists and my jewelry sales in her salon are quite healthy. I've since called other salons and met with the same success. Of course not every salon was interested, but MANY of them were.

Why not consider giving this a try in your area? Almost every city or town has an abundance of salons and these sites are a natural for jewelry impulse purchases.

Earrings seems to sell particularly well in salons as women who have recently cut their hair may have ears that are previously more exposed than before or, possibly, they want some new ear jewels to show off their stylish new cut.

Any way you choose to look at it, this can be a winning relationship!

We'll talk in the future about how to best approach these salons along with what you need to bring with you to your appointment.

Keep making that beautiful handmade jewelry and I'll keep helping you find new ways to sell it!


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