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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Handmade Jewelry Trends 2007

Even though it doesn’t feel like spring in our part of the country, it’ll be here sooner than you think! How will you be modifying your designs to accommodate the upcoming fashion and jewelry trends?It’s good to be knowledgeable about emerging trends that may affect your market, but be careful not to alter your signature look too drastically based on them. You have your own unique artistic voice and you want your customers to see that. Isn't that why your customer buys from YOU rather than the department store down the street?

Here are some of the upcoming jewelry trends forspring 2007:

Color Trends

We’ll continue to see black as an important color but for the spring it will be combined with various shades of white and opal to give a strong, contrasting look. Gray also emerges as the new neutral for the warm weather, although it will be a softened, subtle grey. Other important springtime colors include midnight blue, imperial purple, mango, pale pink, rosy coral, lime green, canary yellow,various ocean blues, and chili pepper red along with pale coffee brown.

Stone and Bead Trends

With the above color trends, we can expect to see stone and bead choices follow the color lead. Expect to see gemstones take center stage especially tanzanite, peridot, chalcedony, blue topaz, sapphire, and aquamarine. You’ll find these gemstones paired with a variety of pale gemstones in shades of clear and white such as crystal and diamonds. A beautiful look but bit high end for most people’s budgets, huh?

On a more affordable note, semiprecious beads will be important with the big winner being icy and white quartz paired with a variety of other light colored semiprecious stones. You'll see the emergence of leopardskin jasper as an important element in jewelry, complimenting the upcoming emphasis in fashion on animal prints. Beautiful and affordable opal sea glass will take center stage especially when paired with other pale beads to give a light and airy springtime look. Following the prevailing color trends, lapis and amber will be important semiprecious stones for the spring. Turquoise wll also be a much requested look with the continuation of the Southwestern theme which started this winter.

The Naturals

The organic look will continue with wood, horn, bone and shell beads being particularly popular along with semiprecious beads in natural shades. These beads will be strung on natural shades of leather and accented with bold, textured metal beads. You’ll also see more feathers incorporated into necklaces for an interesting and unique look. The southwestern trend which ushered in the cowboy look this winter will continue into the spring. Following this trend, expect to see a variety of leather focal pieces and leather jewelry accented with natural components.

Pearls and Mother of Pearl

Freshwater pearls and mother of pearl are expected to make a splash this spring. These will be incorporated into several different types of designs. You’ll see mother-of-pearl combined with shell to give a look that’s straight from the seashore. Another interesting look will be freshwater pearls combined with vintage glass components and lace to make a romantic,Victorian statement. Quite some contrasting looks this spring!

Charms and Other Motifs

Charms and components engraved with words will continue to be popular as women strive to make a statement with their choice of jewelry. Of particular significance are charms with a nature theme. You’ll find insects and flowers of all types strung on to leather cords, ribbon and lace. Also of importance are charms with a dragonfly, bug or butterfly motif. Expect to see heart charms take center stage particularly around Valentine’s Day. As part of the continuing southwestern trend, you can expect to see charms with a western theme including a variety of horse and horse themed charms.

Hope this gives you some idea of what’s upcoming inthe ever changing world of jewelry trends. Remember to use them wisely. It’s always exciting to see what’s new for the season! Have a great day!



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