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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two Simple Handmade Jewelry Marketing Tips That Works Overtime!

Today I want to tell you about two handmade jewelry advertising ideas that were very inexpensive but gave a fantastic return.

The first idea is very simple. You've probably seen the metal pins or badges with sayings that people sometimes wear on their lapels. They have a metal base and pinback along with a clear front that houses the wording. Here's a photo of one so you'll know what I'm talking about custom badges . I had one of these made when I was on the craft show circuit. Mine simply said, "I Will Make Custom Designed Jewelry for You!" I wore this simple pin against a black jacket to every craft show I attended as an exhibitor. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of responses I received from this simple and easy to implement marketing technique. I would usually receive at least an order or two at every show as a direct result of wearing this pin.

You could take this idea one step further and wear your advertising pin when you go shopping, to the grocery store, run errands, essentially everywhere you go. When you're standing in line somewhere waiting to pay, don't be surprised if someone asks about your pin and you can follow up by handing them a business card advertising your handmade jewelry business. You DO keep those with you at all times, don't you? If so, give yourself an A+ for a job well done.

The second idea will really work overtime for you. I have used this technique to advertise our bead store with much success. I had a car decal printed with the name and phone number of our store as well as our website on it. I placed the decal on the back window of my car. Here's how the decals look when applied: custom car decals. I got the largest size since I have a large car with an rather tall and broad back window. You may be able to use one of the smaller sizes if you have a compact car. You could have yours imprinted with the name of your company, a statement that you make jewelry, your website, and telephone number. For example:

Company Name
I Make Custom Jewelry for You!
Website Address
Phone Number

I still have my decal on the back of my car that advertises our bead store. I would estimate we get 15 calls or visits per week on the basis of that decal alone. Plus, after the initial decal purchase, there's no ongoing cost. It's essentially free advertising that works for you without any effort on your part. As you carry out your daily activities, you're telling the world that you can provide them with custom handmade jewelry.

If you'd like to take it a step further, you could do what one enterprising lady has done in our city. She has covered her automobile with beads and gemstones along with painted sayings about beads. She makes quite a statement when she drives down the road which attracts much attention. I still haven't mustered up the nerve to take it quite that far as of yet. :-)

The take home message is this. You should always be on the lookout for inexpensive ways to advertise your handmade jewelry. There's a world of buyers out there for your jewelry, but they first have to know that you exist! Don't miss an easy opportunity to let them know.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a fantastically productive day!



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