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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Marketing Handmade Jewelry & Helping A Good Cause

Hi everyone! I just want to let you know I do appreciate all of you wonderful readers out there! I'm always open to feedback and suggestions and will be glad to cover a topic that you feel is important. You can always email me at

Here is an idea that can help you not only promote your handmade jewelry but help out a good cause at the same time. Do you have a local charity that you feel passionately about? Why not contact them regarding a co-marketing venture?

You could work with the charity in one of several ways. One possibility is that you could sponsor a special jewelry event night with your charity of choice. On that evening, you would display and sell your handmade jewelry for several hours at a special fund raising event sponsored by the charity. A portion of the proceeds of every item purchased from you at the event would be donated to the charitable organization. You could even bring in a few artisans whose work complements your own to exhibit at the event also.

The charity could advertise the event through their venues so there would be few upfront costs on your part. It could be made into a gala event complete with refreshments and door prizes. Such an event may very well attract the attention of the press which would be excellent public relations for your business. Hint: You may want to send a press release. :-) There could be a silent auction of a piece of your jewelry for charity which would help to further brand your handmade jewelry. This sounds like a fun and painless way to sell some jewelry and get a "warm, fuzzy feeling" from helping others.

You could also approach this idea from an online perspective if you have a website or an online jewelry gallery. Create an agreement with the charity that all purchases made by their supporters within a certain time frame will result in a percent donation to their cause. The charity could publicize your gallery address in their newsletter and encourage members to purchase from you to help their charitable cause. You could require them to use a number or letter code in their order so you can track which orders came from the charity and give them their portion.

If the above arrangement works out well, you could contact other favorite charities and repeat the process. You could also make it a twice a year regular event with each of the charities. This idea alone could keep you quite busy if you worked with a number of charities. Plus, I think many charities would appreciate the opportunity to be able to raise funds without significant upfront costs on their part. A true win-win situation!

I hope you'll give this idea a try and let me know how you do with it. :-)

If you're looking for some more great ideas for marketing your handmade jewelry, you may want to take a look at this magazine. Lots of practical, easy to implement ideas from someone who knows their stuff. The author is the marketing director for Lapidary Journal, Step-by-Step Beads, and Step-by-Step Wire magazines. Maybe I shouldn't be promoting my competition, but I want you to have all the advantages that are available to you. :-)

Have a great day. :-)


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