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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can Co-marketing Help You Sell More Handmade Jewelry?

Here an idea that not many handmade jewelry designers consider
that may work for you, particularly if you live in a larger city.
In various cities you can find people who work as fashion and
image consultants. They basically help their clients by showing
them how to coordinate items in their wardrobe to achieve a
more professional look. They also show them what they need
to add to their wardrobes to achieve their desired image.
In addition, they help their clients accessorize wardrobes with
jewelry and accessories.

Why not team up with a fashion consultant who can promote
your jewelry to her clients? As she coordinates the client's
wardrobe, she would show her client how your jewelry can
expand her wardrobe options. In turn, she would receive a
commission on every piece of jewelry she successfully sells to
her customers. You would be responsible for producing the
jewelry and she would effectively be your commissioned salesperson.
This could be quite lucrative for you since clients who work with
a fashion or image consultant are usually in high paying fields and
can afford to pay top dollar for quality handmade jewelry. There
is also opportunity here for you to receive some free publicity for
your jewelry if your fashion consultant happens to work with
prominent, well known women or celebrities.

I would start by checking in your local phone book to see if
any image or fashion consultants are listed in your area. You
may also want to look under the heading of personal shopper
Many consultants won't be listed in the phone book so you
may want to do a local internet search for consultants
who work out of their home.

Once you locate a fashion consultant in your area, you can set
up a meeting and show them how your jewelry can result in add
on profits for them without an upfront investment on their part.

Here another similar comarketing venture that has been
demonstrated to work in our particular area of Virginia.

One of our customers is a very talented and ambitious jewelry
designer. She is also a full-time pharmaceutical rep which leaves
her little time for marketing her handmade jewelry. How did she
solve this problem? She was smart enough to team up with a local
custom clothing maker in our area who makes clothing for special
occasions and also designs costumes for all of our local theater and
ballet productions. It was a natural extension for this custom clothing
maker to supply her clients with coordinating jewelry which our jewelry
designer was happy to provide. This custom clothing maker has a retail
store front where she allows the jewelry designer to display her latest
designs for inspiration. Last I heard,this jewelry designer had more
orders than she could handle! This is another great example of thinking
out of the box as far as marketing handmade jewelry goes.

We'll continue to discuss less well known markets for handmade jewelry
over the next few postings. Hopefully, some of the ideas we cover will
spark even more unique ways to market your jewelry. I want you to
realize that there are many more markets out there for you. We need
to learn to think beyond the traditional gallery and clothing boutique
and reach out to new profit centers for selling our handmade jewelry.
Thanks for listening to my rants and raves. :-)

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