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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Now that you have your business card optimized, it's time to turn it into a marketing torpedo for your handmade jewelry! This is the second part of a two posting on business card marketing. If you didn't read the first part, here's a link:

First of all, your business card should be in your wallet at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS! Every time you walk out your door wearing your jewelry and carrying your businsess card, you are facing an opportunity to market your business.

Give your business card to anyone you might meet in your daily actitivites. It's a simple process to reach into your billfold and pull out an inexpensive card to hand to a person for the first time. They'll appreciate it because it will make it easier for them to remember your name.

As you go about your daily activities during the day, keep an eye open for bulletin boards where you can post your card. Be sure to carry thumb tacks with you in your pocketbook to make posting your card easy.

I encounter bulletin boards in such places as grocery stores, schools, libraries, health clubs etc. on a daily basis where I eagerly post my business card. And, yes, this has brought in orders, In fact, quite a few. It's a simple easy form of marketing that doesn't require alot of time. Why not take advantage of it?

Another great place to leave a business card is in a restaurant. We eat out quite frequently which gives me lots of opportunities to do this. I've found this to be quite a lucrative form of marketing. There are quite a few waitresses out there who have an interest in handmade jewelry.

In fact, I have a friend who takes his jewelry case with him when he goes to a restaurant. While he's waiting on his food, he pulls out his pliers and makes a few pieces. The waitstaff finds this to be intriguing and a conversation develops which often results in several sales to restaurant workers while he's there for his meal. Clever idea!

Other places to leave your business card is with your hairdresser, masseuse,in every fishbowl at restaurants you encounter, on top of the stack of library books you're returning, at fast food drive throughs, the bank, in the waiting room of doctor's offices and just about any other place people congregate.

If you have any other nifty ideas on where to post business cards, feel free to comment in the comments section of this blog. I'd love to hear from you. :-)


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