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Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Fun Way to Sell Handmade Jewelry

Hi everyone! It's the start of a new week filled with opportunity. Be sure to start the beginning of the week with a list of goals that you want to accomplish to help grow your handmade jewelry business. This will help you to stay focused. Focus can sometimes be a challenge for the creative mind!

Here's an idea for selling your handmade jewelry that can be very profitable. If you live in a city of any size you probably have several large businesses within close proximity to you. I would approach some of these businesses along with some samples of your jewelry and ask if you could display your jewelry during lunch hour. Many businesses want to keep their employees happy and would like for them to stay in the building during lunch hour as opposed to leaving. They may be quite happy to allow you the privledge of setting up a display table to show and sell your jewelry.

I had a bead store customer who did this at a local insurance agency in our city. She did extremely well and was invited back for a second showing due to the popularity of her jewelry. She has since sold her handmade jewelry at several other offices with excellent results. This can be particularly lucrative around the holidays when women have limited time to leave work and get their holiday shopping done.

Many women who work in these buildings will truly appreciate what you have to offer as it represents a nice diversion from their daily work routine and gives them a chance to shop without leaving work. You may be able to set up a regular monthly schedule for displaying your jewelry at certain offices. The workers will come to know your schedule and will save their gift purchases for the times you're going to be there. You can build up quite a following by having a recurring display of your jewelry in the same office.

Do you need to pay the office for this privledge? This will vary. Many offices will allow you to set up free of charge but it doesn't hurt to offer them a small commission on sales. Be sure to approach them in a professional manner in clothing appropriate for an office professional.

For display, I would have a simple setup that can be quickly assembled on a single table. Be sure to have props to elevate your jewelry as you never want to display jewelry on a flat surface. Bring along a pretty notebook to collect names/addresses along with email addresses. If you publish an email newsletter, ask if they'd like to sign up for it. (this can be a great way to build your customer list). You may also consider bringing along a box of pastries or other special treats to have available for your potential customers to snack on. This always adds a nice touch and will help to promote good will.

If you give this idea a try, let me know how you do! Have fun today. :-)



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