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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Unique Way to Market Handmade Jewelry to Clothing Boutiques

All of the retailers I have spoken to have emphasized that they love to carry items that are unique and original. Ideally they would like to have items that no other local store carries. I know this is true in regards to our bead store. We spend so much time trying to find hard-to-find beads and components and it can be a real challenge!

Well, here's an idea that will help the retailer find her unique items and will help you to market your handmade jewelry. Why not become the designated jewelry designer for a clothing boutique?

I would first locate a higher end, independent, women's clothing boutique that carries eclectic and somewhat artsy clothing. What type of jewelry could you design for this market? Make note of your ideas and approach the owner to set up a meeting.

Upon meeting with the owner, let her know that you're a jewelry designer who can design jewelry to coordinate perfectly with the clothing she offers in her store. You can make items for her to sell that no other retailer in town will have and can make them in the materials she wants and at price points that will work for her.

Offer to make a few samples of jewelry items to coordinate with some of her offerings. Once she's seen the samples and realizes the power of what you have to offer, you can sit down and go into more detail regarding what types of pieces she'd like for you to make. You could even offer to make a custom hangtag for the jewelry that's private labeled with her store name.

Your boutique owner will benefit from having her own private labeled, customized line of jewelry for her store while you'll have the advantage of having an ongoing market for your handmade jewelry. You could even offer to provide a custom jewelry design service to her customers which she market through her store.

I hope this idea will get you to think about other creative ways for you to market your handmade jewelry to local retailers. I'll have more thoughts on how to market to local retailers in the near future.


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