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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to Make a Customer Feel Special (and Sell More Handmade Jewelry at the Same Time)

What do you do to make your customer feel special?

Sometimes in the day to day activities of running a business, we forget about the most important component of the success equation - our customers! Without customers all the beautiful jewelry in the world will just be ornaments and you'll have to find another way to put food on the table. We don't want that to happen!

It's important when we feel tired and frustrated after dealing with a particularly demanding customer that we keep our priorities in perspective. The customer is still number one and we need to find ways to let her know she's special if we want to have a vibrant and successful handmade jewelry business.

What are some simple steps we can take to make your customers feel special?

1. Never underestimate the importance of a smile and a friendly greeting. This simple act can go far towards making your customer feel comfortable and she's likely to stay around and browse much longer than if she's ignore. If she's a repeat customer, greet her by name and let he know you're glad to see her again.

2. Really listen to what your customer says and acknowledge her request or concern. If she has a particular request, show you've listened by repeating back to her what she said. Let he know that you'll do your best to help her. NEVER make a customer feel like she asked a stupid question (although she may have :-) ) . Give her requests and concerns your undivided attention.

3. Ask for your customer's advice. Nothing makes a customer feel more special than to be asked to share their opinion. Why do you think people are so willing to fill out survey forms? It makes them feel good to know someone values what they think. Your customer respects what you do and may even be in awe of the beautiful jewelry you're capable of making. Think how good she'll feel if you sincerely ask her to share thoughts about your business. Plus, you may get some great ideas for new products and services!

4. Make the customer feel good with a sincere thank you at the checkout station. Instead of a rote "thank you" mumbled in an insincere tone, why not jazz up your "thank you" like this?"Ms. X, thank you so much for purchase. We really appreciate having nice customers like you. Enjoy your new necklace!"In this world of half baked, half hearted customer service, this type of response will definitely have an impact.

5. Include a small, inexpensive gift with each purchase. An unexpected gift can go a long ways toward promoting goodwill. How about adding a piece of chocolate wrapped in elegant gold foil to your customer's bag? To make it an even better brand builder, consider having your company name stamped on the foil. Your customer is going to have very positive thoughts about you as she experiences that first sweet bite of chocolate!

6. Speaking of candy, why not have a bowl of inexpensive candy in an elegant, faceted crystal bowl in your booth? We have a supermarket in our area that offers small cups of fresh coffee to shoppers while they shop. Even though their selection is more limited and their prices are higher, I go there just for that coffee!

Little indulgences mean alot to customers and they can cost you very little.The "take home" message is that I want to encourage each of you to focus on your customer and to be aware of how you and your employees interact with them. Go the extra mile! Do the unexpected! This is probably the least expensive and most effective method you can use to distinguish your business from the myriad of handmade jewelry competitors out there.

If you have any suggestions of your own for making a customer feel special, let me know. :-)

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Thanks for reading,


Blogger e* said...

Wow,I just found the link to your blog in a Yahoo group. You have some great info here.I look forward to reading through your archive.

Thanks so much,

6:37 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I agree that customer service is key!

Even though an order confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer when they place an order through my website, I still always make it a point to send a personal email confirming that I recieved their order and thanking them for their business. I also let them know when they can expect their jewelry to ship and that I am available to help them if they need anything more or have any questions.

It doesn't seem like much, but you wouldn't believe the positive response I get just from making that simple gesture. I guess that is further proof that customer service is (sadly) becoming a lost art.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Your friends at Beads Indeed said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Elisa and Rachel!

Rachel, that's an excellent
practice and I'm sure it's earned you alot of repeat business. Keep up the good work. :-)


3:32 AM  

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