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Monday, December 18, 2006

Let's talk about that "little something extra" that turns your handmade jewelry into truly special pieces that are sure to attract a buyer.

Here's a good example from a recent craft show I attended.

Two different vendors were both offering similar pairs of earrings at roughly comparable prices. The earrings were sample dangles made of semiprecious beads and sterling silver findings. They were priced in the $12.00 range.

Both vendors had very nice displays that played up their creations. Upon first glance, the two booths appeared somewhat comparable in appearance, BUT one booth was full of prospective buyers AND their was a line to pay!

The other booth looked like a ghost town. No lines, no prospective buyers.

What you ask, was the difference that was having such a dramatic impact on sales?

Well, here's the secret. The designer in empty booth had very nice but very ordinary jewelry cards with the standard information printed on them. Nice, professional, but nothing to write home about.

The owner of the second booth who appeared to be drowning in sales, had jewelry cards with a tiny little dried flower delicately pasted to each one. This gave the jewelry a whole new appearance and value in the buyers mind! I saw many customers commenting on the beauty of the cards as they stepped into the line to pay.

This taught me a valuable lesson. Sometimes it's the little things that count when marketing handmade jewelry. It sure made all the difference in the world here!

Have you taken a good look at your display cards lately?


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