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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Subscription Plan for Handmade Jewelry

Here's an idea that would be a fun and profitable
way to sell more handmade jewelry. How about
starting an earringof the month club? This has
been done successfully by others in the past
which proves that it's a viable business idea.
Plus,it assures that you always have a steady
supply of orders foryour handmade jewelry.

I would choose earrings over necklaces and
bracelets since they're quick and inexpensive
to make. I would give the customer the option
of choosing silver or gold-filled findings as well as
a mixture of the two if they like both. You could
add a page to your website describing the program
and show samples of what you might receive on a
monthly basis.

I would emphasize the gift giving potential of this
program andlet potential customers know that
their purchase will come beautifully wrapped
in a box along with a small gift card each month.
Emphasize how overjoyed their gift recipient will
be when she sees the elegant presentation. Also
let you potential customersknow that this is the
perfect gift to give themselves. It will be like
Christmas every month when they open their box
and find a beautifully handcrafted pair of earrings!

You could market this idea online as well as at craft,
jewelry shows,and home parties. If the volume of
subscribers should become high, you could contract
out some of the earring construction to local high school
or college students so that you continue to develop your
other lines of jewelry.

I don't know about you but I think it would be exciting
to have a different pair of earrings delivered to my door
every month! Even though I'm a jewelry maker myself,
I'd be tempted to subscribe. If you give this idea a try,
please let me know the results.

I wanted to do a quick survey and find out if any of you
wonderful readers would be interested in a blog where I
show you Ebay auctions that feature unusual pieces of jewelry
to inspire you as well as auctionsthat have unusually good deals
on wholesale beads and findings. If so,which would interest you
more? You can either comment here or email me via
this link

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Blogger jennifer said...


This was a great idea!! An earring of the month club... where do you come up w/ this stuff?! I'm impressed!!

Keep it coming :)


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