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I'm going to help you market your handmade jewelry more effectively. Learn how to sell and make a generous living making and selling jewelry.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let's talk about a powerful concept that can significantly increase your handmade jewelry profits. This is a technique I've used time and time again with much success in my own marketing efforts!

This secret is not only powerful it's EASY to implement! It's the power of the UPSELL.

Let's say you walk into a store to purchase a camera. A very pleasant and well informed salesperson goes through the process of telling you the pros and cons of each model. After a bit of consideration, you make your selection.

As you pull out your credit card to pay for your purchase, the sales person turns to you with a smile on his face and casually asks "Would you like to some extra film to go with that camera?".

Well, unless you just purchased a digital camera, you're going to eventually NEED some extra film for your brand new camera. You're standing there with your credit card in hand. It makes perfect sense to you to purchase the additional film now since it's been offered to you.

You purchase the extra film and may even feel a little grateful that the sales person helped you out my mentioning it.

You just got happily upsold.

Now, let's apply the same principle to your handmade jewelry booth at a craft show.

You've just helped Mrs. A pick out a perfectly gorgeous handmade, carnelian necklace that you proudly made several weeks ago. She's quite excited at having found the perfect piece of jewelry and is a positive and receptive frame of mind.

As you carefully package her purchase, you casually ask if she'd like to see a pair of Carnelian earrings that would go beautifully with her new necklace. As you show her the two pieces paired together, she's delighted! She subsequently leaves with both the Carnelian necklace AND the earrings.

You just turned a $45.00 sale into a $60.00 sale in just a few short minutes.

That's the art of the upsell. Your customer has her credit card out and is in a buying frame of mind. You don't even have to SELL to her. She's already been sold. You're just make a subtle and helpful suggestion and your customer is grateful to you for doing so.

McDonald's caught onto this marketing technique may years ago when they started asking each customer if they'd like some fries to go with their hamburger. Now, you can harness the same marketing power as the big corporations of the world by using the upsell technique to market your handmade jewelry.

Try doing this with 20 different customers at a craft show. Assume that 60% accept your upsale at an average additional purchase of $15.00. That's an easy extra $90.00 for the day!

Give this technique a try! I think you'll be pleased with the results.

Happy jewelry making to all. :-)


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