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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays to everyone! I know we're all busy preparing for the upcoming festivities so I'll make this post short.

Have you ever stopped to consider how powerful the two little words, "Thank You" can be to your customers?

Customers want to know that their purchase was appreciated. Are you saying those two magic words when your customer buys a piece from you?

Well, let's take it one step further and use that magical phrase to do a little branding.

Let's say your jewelry line is called, "Rare Earth Creations". You might say to your customer as you hand her bag with her jewelry:

"Thank you for purchasing a "Rare Earth Creation. You're going to get many years of enjoyment from this beautiful piece. Your purchase is very much appreciated"

What has this accomplished?


  1. Shown your customer that you truly appreciate her business. This means alot to people
  2. Reinforced the name of your business by repeating it to your customer. (You'd be surprised at how many people won't remember the name of your business unless you repeat it to them.)
  3. Let the customer know that she's purchased a high quality piece that will LAST.

After I started using this approach, I had a customer email to let me know how much she valued the customer service and how nice it was to know her purchase was truly appreciated.

Do you think she became a repeat customer? Absolutely!

Lastly, make sure to drop a business card into her bag. This will further reinforce your brand and will provide your customer with contact information should she want to order more after she returns home. Make sure your email and website address are printed on your card.

Give this technique a try! It's a quick and easy way to show customer appreciation while reinforcing your brand.

Happy Holidays to all!



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