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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Handmade Jewelry Showstopper! A Great Marketing Tool!

Let's talk about the importance of the "showstopper" and what it can mean for your jewelry business.

You might ask, "Just what is a showstopper?" Excellent questions.

A showstopper is an attention grabbing, knock your socks off piece of jewelry that stops potential customers dead in their tracks.

A showstopper piece of handmade jewelry prominently displayed at a craft show or booth can be the ultimate traffic generator.

Potential customers are always intrigued by the outlandish and unusual and will visit your booth to have a closer look.

You now have the perfect opportunity to greet them with a smile and tell them about your special showstopping piece.

Although your customer may not buy the showstopper, he or she may stick around to look at the rest of your handmade jewelry. And guess what! They're also much more likely to make a purchase from you once you have them in your booth.

Just what characteristics does a handmade jewelry piece need to qualify as a showstopper?

Ideally, it should be big, bold, unforgettable. This is your opportunity to showcase your most creative design, the one you may not be able to sell for a decent price because you put too much time and work into it.

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