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I'm going to help you market your handmade jewelry more effectively. Learn how to sell and make a generous living making and selling jewelry.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Would you like to add an additional profit center to your handmade jewelry business and promote your jewelry at the same time? I just published an article on the website that will show you how to add an additional profit center to your jewelry design business. To access the article click here. If you haven't signed up to receive a new jewelry marketing tip in your email box every 5 days, you can do it by sending a blank email here. You won't find any of the jewelry marketing tips listed on my website as I want to keep them unique.

Two more resources you may want to visit with information on jewelry design and marketing are here and here. These are Squidoo lenses which are miniwebsites that where you can share information on any topic you wish. If you haven't put one up to market your jewelry, you may want to consider it. You can show photos and give information about your jewelry as well as direct people to your website from your Squidoo lense. Squidoo lenses tend to get ranked well in the search engines which further drive traffic to your lense as well as indirectly to your website. They're quick and easy to put up. Much less time consuming than a website!

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