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Monday, May 07, 2007

Another Niche Market for Your Handmade Jewelry

I hope you had a nice weekend! We took a short trip to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend. I had an opportunity to look at the jewelry in some of the specialty shops and galleries in the area. One thing I noticed is jewelry which made a strong statement in the form of a unique design seemed to sell the best. Also, again, jewelry that fulfilled a particular niche was popular. I noticed a line of sterling silver jewelry with a floral theme was selling extremely well which seems to be a big trend right now. If you can adapt your designs to reflect a nature theme, you'll probably have an excellent sell through rate.

Speaking of nature and spring, we all want to experience that sense of renewal as the weather gets warm. That's why so many women are visiting health and rejuvenation spas these days. Could these be a market for your handmade jewelry? Read the article I just published and find out. Here it is: Another Niche For Your Handmade Jewelry.

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